Guitar with No Subtitles

Dachsomnia is the personal project of Ivan Dach (regular guitarist of Roger Mas and Marky Ramone), in which he is accompanied by the bassist Eduard Corominas and the drummer Andreu Moreno (also members of Despartadors Atòmics) and, sporadically, by Xavier Guitó at the keyboards.

In Dachsomnia, Ivan Dach pours all his creative and musical instinct, which is channeled through a careful interpretive ability reaffirmed by a precise rapport with the members of the band. The result is an instrumental music where the guitar is the leading voice and the one telling stories, in some cases, at a frantic and hectic pace.

A great show for electric guitar fans and for those who want to enjoy the technical virtuosity and refined expression typical of progressive rock.


Ivan Dach - guitar
Eduard Corominas - bass
Andreu Moreno - drums