Los Rotos


Trends away from his native Barcelona, Los Rotos are betting on the rock as the main vehicle of expression. Proceeding from the independent pop, his music jumped to a label itself, the Roto'n'Roll, title of his first album.

Since its origins Los Rotos have taken his live for all Spain and have shared the stage with the likes of Iggy Pop, Unfinished Simpathy, Els Pets, Quimi Portet, Sol Lagarto, Lori Meyers, 12Twelve, Lizard Nick, the Poppers, the Prostitutes or the legendary band the Pretenders. It is also recognized their involvement in the music scene of clubs, so many times the band has held concerts liven up your taste renowned DJs like Marc Marzenit, also sharing sessions and rock music selection as Roto'n'Roll DJ'S.


Edu Montoya - voz y letras
Marc Grau - guitarra y coros
David Spínola - bajo y coros
Lluís Vidal - batería


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